White Mountain Prints and Graphics


                                                                  Illustrations on Maps

Illustrations of the White Mountains on maps began to appear in 1816, when the Map of New Hampshire, by Philip Carrigain, included two engravings attributed to Abel Bowen.  Franklin Leavitt added illustrations to his series of maps beginning in 1852 extending through 1888.  His illustrations show fanciful, often out-of-scale depictions of hunting scenes as well  the hotels of the area.  In some cases, such as his depiction of the Tip-Top House on the 1854 map, we see a building shown in very few other illustrations. How accurate his illustrations are, is a matter of debate.  We have additional information on the Leavitt maps, and large images of the 1852 map and the 1871 map.    We also have a copy of the 1858 Harvey Boardman map on-line

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If you move your mouse over the images below, the source of the cut will be be apparent. The maps are in the collection of Adam Jared Apt.

                    If you click on any of the images, you'll see a substantially larger image.

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