White Mountain Prints and Graphics


                                                                     Books and Magazines

Magazines, such as Harper's Weekly (1857-1916)  and Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper (1855-1922), brought illustrations of the White Mountains to hundreds of thousands of readers throughout the country. Leading artists of the day, including Winslow Homer, were commissioned to provide the engravings.  Dozens of other magazines, such as the Ladies Repository (1842-57) included engravings by artists such as Asher B. Durand and Albert Bierstadt.  Many illustrations in some of the magazines were used without crediting the original artist.  Thomas Doughty's engraving of the Silver Cascade is but one example.  The works of W.H. Bartlett would be another.  (Some material that might be included here appears in the Artist Prints section of the website.)

Dozens of well illustrated of books were published, including William Oakes' White Mountain Scenery, William Cullen Bryant's Picturesque America and Samuel Drake's Heart of the White Mountains.  

Many interesting prints appear without any indication of the artist; many include a name or initials in the cut, but they have not yet been fully identified.

The material illustrated is from the collections of:  Adam Jared Apt, American Antiquarian Society, Dick Hamilton, The Mt. Washington Observatory, Douglas Philbrook, and Bryant Tolles.

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