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The works of Thomas Doughty were also frequently re-printed without crediting the artist.
 See below.   Louis  Prang chromos are not credited to the artists.

Several more plates from Oakes' White Mountain Scenery are on the Book and Magazine
pages.  You'll   also find other works by Harry Fenn, from Picturesque America

Clicking on any image below will take to a page with a larger image and details about the print. 
You'll also find a link  to a biography of the artist supplied by WhiteMountainArt.com

 Jasper Cropsey, Echo Lake
Jasper Cropsey, Echo Lake

Currier and Ives, The Notch House 
Currier and Ives Mt. Washington
and the White Mountains

Currier and Ives
Echo Lake 

Thomas Doughty, Sliver Cascade 
Thomas Doughty, Silver Cascade
Thomas Doughty, Sliver Cascade,
Slightly Different Version
Thomas Doughty, Silver Cascade,
(not credited)
Asher B. Durand
A Glimpse in New Hampshire
Harry Fenn, Gate of Crawford Notch

Godfrey Frankenstein, Mt. Washington 
from Oakes White Mountain Scenery

 S.R. Gifford, Sunset At The White Mountains
S.R. Gifford, Echo Lake
Franconia Notch

William Hart
Chocorua Peak 

James McDougal Hart
Loon Lake 

Henry Hitchings, Thornton Falls
Winslow Homer, Appleton's Journal 1869
Winslow Homer, Harper's Weekly, 1869  Coolest Spot in New England
Winslow Homer, Harper's Weekly, 1869, Summit of Mt. Washington

R.W. Hubbard, Ladies Repository,
New Hampshire Scenery

Geroge Innes, The Saco River Valley
David  Johnson, Tamworth Scenery
John Frederic Kensett
A Glimpse of Mt. Washington
J.F. Kensett, Glimpse of Mt. Washington used as a cover for sheet music, 1876
John Frederick Kensett.
View Near N. Conway
for Ladies Repository
John Fredrick Kensett,
Mount Washington.
One of the most frequently reproduced engravings.
Thomas Moran, Aldine Chromo, 1874
Louis Prang & Co.  Livermore Falls

Louis Prang & Co. Loon Pond 

Louis Prang & Co. Plymouth 

Louis Prang & Co. Plymouth Mountain 
Louis Prang & Co Plymouth Valley
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