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Starting in the late 1820s, Thomas Cole and other prominent artists travelled to the White
Mountains.  The paintings they created were often reproduced by engravers, and therefore
reached a wide audience.  Often, their works were reproduced by publishers without giving
credit to the artists.  The works of  Cole, at the bottom of this page, illustrate some of the
unauthorized reproductions.  As the 19th century progressed, many publishers commissioned
well-known  artists to create works for books and magazines.  Lithographs by Currier and Ives,
sometimes without credit, reproduced paintings and they were widely distributed. 
Chromolithographs, by firms including Louis Prang, were also widely distributed.  Many works
were published without identifying artists.

The prints we've included are intended to show examples of the works of some well-known
artists along with unidentified  works.  The total number of 19th century prints is undoubtedly
well into the thousands.  Many of the works here could just as well have been included in the
 Books and Magazine section of this website.  Many of the works in the Book and magazine
section could have been included here-visit both sections.

Clicking on any image below will take to a page with a larger image and details about the print. 
You'll also find a link  to a biography of the artist supplied by WhiteMountainArt.com

W. H. Bartlett, Notch House, 1838
W.H. Bartlett, Willey House, 1838
Bartlett, Mt.Washington, 1838
W.H. Bartlett, Pulpit Rock, 1838
Bartlett, View from Mt. Jefferson, 1838
W.H. Bartlett, Harvest Scene, 1838
Bartlett, View from Mt. Washington
George Bellows, A Quiet Nook
George Bellows, The Ferry
on the Androscoggin
George Brown, Franconia Notch
George Brown, The Crown of
New England

Walter Brown, The Flume 
J.H Bufford, Elephant Head
J.H. Bufford, Lizzie Bourne Monument

J.H. Buford, The Pool 
J.H. Bufford, Thousand Streams,
Tuckerman's Ravine
J.H. Bufford, Mt. Jefferson from
Mt. Washington
B. Champney, Mt. Jefferson and Adam, from the Glen House, for Bond Map, 1853
B. Champney, Echo Lake, for
 Bond Map,1853
B. Champney, Crystal Falls and Glen Ellis Falls, for Bond Map, 1853

B. Champney, White Mountains from N. Conway, for Bond Map 1853 
Thomas Cole, Chocorua's Curse
T. Cole, Distant View of the Slides that Killed the Whilley (sic) Family
T. Cole, View From Mount
T. Cole, White Mountains,
New Hampshire

T. Cole, A View Near Conway,
N. Hampshire 
 Cole (but not credited), View Near Conway, N. Hampshire

T. Cole (but not credited), View Near Conway, N. Hampshire

 T. Cole (but not credited), View From Mount Washington
T. Cole (but not credited),
White Mountains, New Hampshire
T. Cole, Mount Washington (not credited) American Magazine, 1835
T. Cole, Engraved by Asher B. Durand
Lake Winnipiseogee
Samuel Colman, Near Conway,
for the Ladies Repository
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