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                         This website has been created by WhiteMountainHistory.org   Its mission is to identify,
                record and  interpret sites  of historical and cultural Importance within New Hampshire's
              White Mountains and to  preserve the photographic   and  documentary evidence of those sites


The subject of White Mountain prints and graphics is broad.  The purpose of this website, or virtual exhibit, is to demonstrate the breadth of the material and encourage its  further study and appreciation.  We certainly do not claim this to be a definitive presentation of the subject.  It's just a beginning.

The works of many painters of the White Mountain school were reproduced as engravings and lithographs, often without credit to the artists.  While much has been written about White Mountain painting, little attention has been paid to the engravings and lithographs that were distributed to a much wider audience.  In addition, hotels produced illustrated advertising pieces and other ephemera.  Guide books included engravings of hotels and scenic wonders.  Dozens of books and magazines included still more graphics.  Sheet music was written about the region and illustrated with appropriate graphics.  Maps included cuts of scenery and buildings, and letterheads used still more.   Bird's Eye views were produced of several White Mountain towns. 

The combined impact of these images encouraged Americans to visit the White Mountains and contributed to the rapid expansion of the tourist industry.

We suggest you start by the reading the excellent Introduction to the subject, written by Georgia Barnhill.               

Clicking on the images below, or using the links above, will take you to the various sections.  We encourage your comments, corrections and addtional information.

               Artist Prints                   
The Willey House, William H. Bartlett, 1838.  Douglas Philbrook Collection

 Artists produced thousands of engravings and
 lithographs of scenes in the White Mountains.
 The American Art Union, Currier & Ives, Louis
 Prang and J. H. Bufford distributed thousands. and
 in some cases, hundreds of thousands, of copies.
 The works of Cole, Cropsey, Kensett, Champney,
 and their contemporaries helped increase public
 interest in the region, and brought thousands of visitors


Undated Adertisement, c. 1860, Bryant Tolles Collection
 Hotels and scenic attractions published a vast amount  
 of ephemera, most of it illustrated. There are flyers 
 and brochures to attract visitors, menus, letter heads
 and  bill heads, letter sheets, and more. These
 documents  record the expansion of the hotels and
 describe  the  latest improvements to the facilities as well  
 as services  and  entertainments for guests. While well
 known artists, such as Frank Shapleigh, created some of
 this ephemera, much  work remains to be done to
 identify  other artists and engravers.

   Illustrations in Books and Magazines    

From Guide
 Artists including Winslow Homer created graphics for
 Harper's Weekly and other widely distributed magazines.
 Hundreds of books contained thousands of prints.
 Reports of scientific excursions, such as Jackson's
 Geological surveys and Oakes Scenery of the White
 Mountains were illustrated with high quality plates
 and books by popular writers included many

     Illustrations in Guide Books   
By Daniel Wadsworth, From Timothy Dwights Northern Traveler, 1826, Mt. Washington Observatory Coll.

 As more and more visitors came to the region, at first
 attracted by the Willey family tragedy, illustrated
 guide  books proliferated.  Some were updated annually,
 while  others appeared only once or twice.  These guides
 also included  illustrated advertisements for hotels
 and  railroads and often included maps

              Sheet Music

Glen House Galop, Published 1868, by C.D. Russell Co. Boston.  Douglas Philbrook Collection

 Sheet music was produced for many of the Grand Hotels
 in the White Mountains. Many had illustrated covers.

             Illustrations on Maps
Engraved by Abel Bowen for the Carrigain Map of New Hampshire, 1816                                               

 Publishers of  Maps used engravings  of  
 White Mountain  scenery and  hotels,  starting
 with the Carrigain Map of New Hampshire in 1816.


 Engraved by A.F. Poole, publ. by Poole                Bird's Eye Views 

Over sixty Bird's Eye Views were produced of New
 Hampshire cities and towns. Several were done for
 towns  in the White Mountains

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